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New locations in Spain, France and Italy.

Frida Claire plans to open three new EU sites by the end of Q3-2020, with the cities of Seville for Spain, Marseille for France and Florence for Italy already named as sites. With these three independent EU locations, Frida Claire will further strengthen its proximity to international customers ...

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Exclusive bridal line for men from 2020.

Getting married in a business suit is OUT ! More and more men are asking and looking for men's bridal fashions. This trend has been returning for several years now and demand is rising steadily. Frida Claire is launching an exclusive men's line from 2020 and will be offering it to its dealers from 2020....

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Frida Claire - Behind The Scenes.

The work on the new product line has been successfully completed and we would like to share this beautiful moment with our dealers and customers and a few insights and moments. With the following "snapshots" we would like to thank the whole Frida production team and all other participants for the great effort, numerous ideas and the everlasting good mood on the set......

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Release | New wedding dress models

Frida Claire will soon present the new developments of the bridal gown models of the new development series. This year's publication coincides with the publication of the company's new website. ...

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Business Plan & Co - How important are these documents for bridal fashion dealers?

The business plan topic is at the top of every bridal fashion's agenda for new founders, at the latest after the decision to found them. How do you start the topic and where are there possibly templates for this area? This is the question most new founders ask themselves afterwards, because they don't want to have to reinvent the wheel. Unfortunately, it's actually the case that you won't find much on the net on this subject, with regard to the creation of bridal fashion....

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Multi Label Store Concept - Do you keep the overview?

The "multi-label store" concept is a very popular concept among retailers and once served to share procurement risks for a bridal fashion retailer. The original idea behind this was and is the assumption that the customer requires you as a retailer to carry wedding dresses of various brands in your store. For your peace of mind, we can tell you that this is not the case, or better said, that the sentence should read as follows: The statistical value of brides who have already committed themselves to an explicit brand before visiting your shop is demonstrably less than half a percent. In the business world, no products are developed for such small customer groups, as the profit opportunities for companies with such small market potentials are simply neglected. "It's not worth the trouble." However, the belief still holds that this is the case and retailers are trying to place products from as many brands as possible in their stores in the hope of generating better and more sales.....

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Unjustified reviews on the net - How do you deal with them correctly?

Everyone knows the topic with the unpleasant reviews on the Internet. There are now countless platforms on which the end customer is allowed to rate a service or product received. However, it is not uncommon for this type of evaluation to be used by competitors or by authors paid for it by the like to cast your company in the wrong light. So when you start your own business, remember that you too can be affected if you start your own business and possibly work more successfully than your competitors....

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How do you prepare to become a bridal fashion retailer?

Every year Frida Claire receives a very high number of enquiries from new founders and start-ups in the bridal fashion sector from Germany and the surrounding European countries. Unfortunately we have to state again and again that many new founders are not sufficiently prepared for their establishment and due to this "carelessness / ignorance" the planned establishment project often already fails with the first discussion with the appropriate house bank. ...

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Order changes to Frida Claire Designs ex works.

Frida Claire has launched a new and revolutionary service for its contract dealers. For Frida Claire dealers, the new "Design Change" service, which is unique in Europe, has the advantage that design changes requested by end customers from dealers can be ordered directly from the factory. This has the advantage that Frida Claire dealers can now offer various design changes to their customers already in the sales talk....

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Bridal fashion fair B2B for dealers - A hidden risk for new founders?

It's an open secret in the industry that you won't find Frida Claire at regular bridal fashion shows, as our recommendation for new founders here is going in a completely different direction. Frida Claire always distributes its products through its own distribution channels and is always available to German customers, so that our dealers or interested new founders do not have to wait until the next trade fair to buy Frida Claire products....

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Instalment payment for bridal fashion dealers and new founders.

Frida Claire introduces a new and unique service in Europe. From now on bridal fashion dealers and new founders can pay Frida Claire products relaxed in several installments, depending on the type of cooperation. The background for the new service is the fundamental capitalisation of bridal fashion dealers in their daily business when they are newly founded. As Frida Claire is constantly working to give its dealers a competitive edge, the payment theme has also been reworked. Basically, the bridal fashion business / exhibition business in the area of bridal fashion B2B works freely according to....

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Our mission is to provide on daily base the optimal solution, the best quality and most outstanding services for our B2B bridal fashion dealers. Achieving steady growth at Frida Claire, both for our customers and ourselves, is always at the forefront, driven by technically savvy and highly integrated processes. With Frida Claire you as a retailer are simply a bit better than your competitors.

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