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Frida Claire uses cookies to recognize your preferences when you visit our website, enabling you to use the Frida Claire website and the Frida Claire Dealer Portal in a more user-friendly and effective manner.

Cookies are small text files that your browser stores on your hard drive. When you return to Frida Claire's websites, Frida Claire may retrieve the stored cookie information. If you consent to the use of the Frida Claire website at the beginning or if this is technically necessary, the cookie may contain personal data. This does not allow the execution of programs or the transmission of viruses to your computer.

Frida Claire would like to point out that you can prohibit the use of cookies or delete cookies in your browser settings. Please refer to the manufacturer's own instructions for further details on the specific procedure. If you prohibit the use of cookies, functional impairments may be possible.

Frida Claire uses cookies to the following extent:

Mandatory, technically required cookies (type 1)

These are cookies that are absolutely necessary for the correct operation of the website and its functionalities. For example, it is unfortunately not possible to log in to your Frida Claire account without a cookie.

Functional Cookies (Type 2)

These are cookies that allow you to enjoy maximum personal comfort on the Frida Claire websites. For example, the language settings, changes in text size or display settings for images can be stored in a cookie.

Performance-related cookies (Type 3)

These are cookies that inform Frida Claire about your browsing habits. This allows Frida Claire to find out which pages are particularly frequently visited and to optimise the website so that it can provide you with the information you require even more quickly. These cookies do not contain any personal data.

Third party cookies (Type 4)

These are cookies from third parties, such as social networks, to integrate social media content, on the Frida Claire website. In addition, Frida Claire uses third party cookies to provide you with particularly interesting offers or to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Cookie information may be shared with third parties on a case-by-case basis. However, this data is anonymous and cannot be traced back to an individual.


You may object at any time to the collection and processing of your data by Frida Claire for the future. Please set an opt-out cookie in your browser. Explanations for the concrete procedure can be found in the manufacturer's instructions. Frida Claire would like to point out that you must make this declaration separately for each browser used. If you delete the cookies on your end device, also remove your statement of objection. In this case, please set the corresponding cookie again.


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Our mission is to provide on daily base the optimal solution, the best quality and most outstanding services for our B2B bridal fashion dealers. Achieving steady growth at Frida Claire, both for our customers and ourselves, is always at the forefront, driven by technically savvy and highly integrated processes. With Frida Claire you as a retailer are simply a bit better than your competitors.

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