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FAQ's are frequently asked questions, which due to their frequency are already dealt with here and under the technical term "FAQ" and answered by Frida Claire.

How do I contact Frida Claire?

First, it should be noted that Frida Claire distinguishes between two 'types' of customers. The end customer or the new founder, or the dealer who wants to work with Frida Claire. As a searching bride, you are wrong at this point, because please contact either your Frida Claire Store (a store managed by Frida Claire itself) or one of our partner dealers in your region, directly, using the contact details provided on the relevant website. If you are a new or existing bridal fashion retailer, please use the contact details on this website under the "Contact" tab.

What do I do if I want to become a Frida Claire dealer?

On the Frida Claire website, select the "Contact" section and complete the contact form in full. For Frida Claire, the information requested in the form is important because only this information can be used to check whether you can become a Frida Claire dealer or whether there is already an authorized dealer in your region whose scope of protection would be violated by a new placement. If you are already a dealer, please send your business license in addition to your form request to the following e-mail address:

After receiving and checking your message, Frida Claire will contact you immediately in writing.

Which terms and conditons must be fulfilled in order for me to become a Frida Claire dealer?

You can work with Frida Claire in several ways. In principle, and as required by law, only a valid business licence from the municipality concerned is required if you wish to start your business. If you are already a bridal fashion dealer, then send us your valid business licence. As a new founder you may not yet have a valid business licence at the time of your enquiry. However, this does not play a major role in the preparation for your self-employment at this time. Frida Claire does not have any other basic prerequisites for cooperation.

How long will it take for me to receive an answer to my initial inquiry from Frida Claire?

Frida Claire receives many enquiries from interested dealers and new founders every day, so that processing your initial enquiry can sometimes take some time. As a rule, your enquiry will be answered within 24 hours. In rare cases, however, it can take up to three working days. If you have not received an answer after three working days, it may be that your message has not been received by us. In this case, please contact us again.

What information do I receive from Frida Claire when I first contact them by phone?

We ask for your understanding that Frida Claire does not provide any information about concepts, services or prices on the phone. The initial contact by telephone only explains the possibilities of contacting Frida Claire.

Can I visit Frida Claire at the site without an appointment?

No. Appointments at the site will only be made in advance between a dealer / new founder and the corresponding Frida Claire sales representative.

Why can it take me several days to get a personal appointment with Frida Claire?

Due to capacity utilization, there may be slight waiting times in relation to a personal appointment. Our sales staff communicate daily with many dealers and start-ups throughout Europe. As a rule, however, you will receive your personal appointment within three working days, provided the prerequisites for a joint appointment are met.

Why can't I find any prices for the products in the catalogue section?

As a brand and producer of bridal fashions, Frida Claire supplies many dealers throughout Europe every day. At Frida Claire, prices and details of concepts and cooperation are treated as confidential data, which are only passed on to proven founders and dealers after successful initial discussions.

What kind of business does Frida Claire run?

Frida Claire is a successful, traditional, owner-managed company with many years of experience in the development and production of the textile group "bridal fashions".

What is the Dealer Portal?

Frida Claire offers its dealers the unique service that all products (wedding dress designs) can be reordered for several years. If the retailer wants to reorder a product, he doesn't do so by phone, fax or e-mail, but by using a fully automated purchasing portal (The retailer portal), which is directly linked to Frida Claire's production. The dealer portal is an electronic purchasing portal for Frida Claire dealers. They receive the login data to the portal after agreement of a common cooperation. The advantage of an automated purchasing procedure is the 24/7 ordering option for a Frida Claire dealer. You do not have to shop during your valuable working hours, but can postpone ordering activities to the quieter evening area. Further advantages are a better overview of your orders, immediate printing of the order forms for filing your own bookkeeping and the creation of article wish lists in preparation for a larger order. In addition, the dealer can change his own data (business address, e-mail, name, delivery address, etc.) directly and independently in his dealer account.

As a bride (end customer), why can't I get information about a Frida Claire dealer or order?

All data and agreements made between a dealer and Frida Claire are subject to the strict guidelines of data protection. Frida Claire, cannot give you as an end customer (bride) any further information about an authorized dealer or an order of an authorized dealer with Frida Claire, because Frida Claire would at this moment violate its contractual obligations. Therefore, please refrain from any requests of this nature. As an end customer (bride), please always contact the shop or the retailer where you have tried on and bought / ordered your wedding dress. Frida Claire distributors / dealers also work for their own account and for the benefit of their business, which does not necessarily have to coincide with the opportunities and services offered by Frida Claire.

Can I also work with Frida Claire abroad?

Frida Claire works with bridal fashion dealers worldwide. Our sales staff communicate with you in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. If your national language is not one of these languages, the contract language will automatically be English. Please note that for cooperation in Spain, Italy and France, we have Frida Claire locations in each country with which you should contact directly if you are a dealer or newcomer in these three countries.

Is Frida Claire a German company?

Yes. Frida Claire is the most popular and biggest German bridal fashion brand. Frida Claire's Development Center ("Design Center - R&D") and current headquarters are both located at the European Headquarters in Stralsund, northern Germany, and at the Frida Claire site in Spain.

Why aren't all the products I see on the Frida Claire websites available from my local dealer?

Each dealer is free to purchase the Frida Claire products of his choice for his bridal boutique. Frida Claire does not have any mandatory purchase quantities. However, as an end customer (bride), you have the option of asking your retailer to order the product in question. Frida Claire allows any dealer to reorder products for several years. It is not the responsibility of Frida Claire itself to determine the terms and conditions under which your bridal salon will offer this to you.

Is there already a Frida Claire dealer at my planned business location?

Since Frida Claire grants contractual dealer protection, depending in the choice of cooperation, there is a possibility that your disired region is already occupied by another dealer. Therefore a sale of frida Claire products at this location is not possible for you. For this reason, Frida Claire already asks for the region of your choice in the contact form and immediately informs the new founder or dealer of this fact. Please always fill in the contact form completely so that we can provide our staff with all the information they need to check whether we are working together.

On what budget do I have to plan to work with Frida Claire?

This question cannot be answered explicitly as Frida Claire does not, in principle, initially prescribe or define minimum purchase quantities at launch or during a collaboration. However, there are special services or contractual models in which an explicit number of existing Frida Claire products are defined at the retailer to take advantage of additional benefits / services. The budget is therefore usually based on the type of collaboration planned. Frida Claire will work with you personally to find out which model of collaboration suits you best.

How many dresses do I at least have to take on to become a Frida Claire dealer?

Frida Claire does not define any basic minimum purchase quantities. However, special cooperation options are linked to defined quantities. Frida Claire will explain the possibilities in a personal conversation with you.

What business documents do I need to start my own bridal fashion business?

Basically, you must first ask yourself how you would like to finance your start-up project. If you want to finance your business from your own equity, you do not need any further documentation. Nevertheless, Frida Claire always advises you to draw up a business plan and calculate it for the desired region. If you are a startup or new founder, you are also welcome to consult a local business or tax consultant. A business plan provides a modular, detailed view of your start-up project and compares the most important aspects with a view to success. If you would like to finance your project externally (e.g. bank), you should have the following documents at your disposal and be able to work out, understand and justify them independently: Business plan, profitability calculation, liquidity calculation, investment plan. On the basis of these documents, the bank will examine your project on a success-based basis and, if necessary, approve or reject it. Calculate for the approval of an external financing with approx. 6 - 8 weeks in your business plan. After successful clarification of the financing of your start-up project, you can register your business with your local trade office.

Can I advertise with Frida Claire even though I don't own any products? (e.g. when buying in case of direct customer interest)

No. Any mention of Frida Claire must in principle be requested and approved in advance by Frida Claire. A dealer may only advertise Frida Claire if he has Frida Claire products physically available to the end customer in his shop.

Can I reorder "running well" products from Frida Claire and how long can I reorder?

As a Frida Claire dealer, any product you have been purchasing in the past years, can be recorded by you at any time. Please note that this is a unique service from Frida Claire, as it is not available from most competing bridal fashion brands. The reason for this is that other bridal fashion brands often use "external works" as production capacities and therefore the editions and patterns for bridal dress models are not owned by the brand itself. These brands are usually referred to as "Trademarks" (pure trademarks without or without influence on the production.) With such "Trademarks" it is often no longer possible to reorder models that are running well, or it is only possible to order them from stock with a few remaining items. Since this point does not immediately open up for a startup / new founder in the foundation phase, you should pay close attention here to who you start into your future with and whether that brand can provide you with a sufficient level of service even after the initial purchase.

What should I do if I am interested in a Frida Claire store concept?

Frida Claire is the only bridal fashion brand in the world that can offer its dealers not only bridal fashion articles, but also a fully integrated store interior concept (development to assembly by Frida Claire and affiliated companies). Frida Claire sales representatives will, if you wish, explain the possibilities and the subsequent procedure to you in more detail in a personal meeting.

Does Frida Claire have dealer protection and what does it look like?

Frida Claire works with contractually, according to German law, assured dealer protection depending on secondary factors of cooperation (depending on contract model / purchase quantity). Of course, as an "inexperienced" new founder, it is also clear to you that dealer protection must always be linked to the variety of products on offer and that Frida Claire does not pronounce it on 5 wedding dress models either. However, your Frida Claire contact will explain the options to you in more detail in a personal conversation.

Can I already ensure dealer protection before working together?

No, because due to the large number of enquiries, Frida Claire is constantly founding new companies. A region can only be secured and confirmed by "actual" and not "planned" cooperation.

How can I check Frida Claire products before working with them?

There are several ways to check the quality and workmanship of Frida Claire's products before working with them. Your Frida Claire contact (sales representative) will explain and offer you the possibilities in a personal conversation. A unique service provided by Frida Claire in this area means that you, as a dealer or newcomer, will be able to carry out the cooperation and product purchasing on a permanent basis and not, as is customary in the industry, exclusively during trade fairs (December - March). This allows you to be much more flexible with Frida Claire and start your business all year round.

At which bridal fashion fair do I find Frida Claire?

Frida Claire recommends herself to you, as a German company, daily and not only during trade fairs. As a dealer you have the possibility to start your cooperation with Frida Claire at any time (all year round). So why don't you find Frida Claire at German bridal fashion fairs? Because Frida Claire is already headquartered in Germany and therefore there is nothing to prevent our customers and interested new founders, in Germany itself, from having the opportunity to work with Frida Claire or contact Frida Claire at any time. Furthermore, it has unfortunately become common practice in the industry for an "umbrella brand" (concealed) to maintain several individual bridal fashion brands that are represented at one and the same trade fair without you being informed of this situation as a customer. This and some other circumstances typical of the sector, which do not harmonise with Frida Claire's company philosophy, give Frida Claire the opportunity to prefer more personal and direct contact with our customers than the "impersonal" and "hectic" trade fair business. With Frida Claire, you don't have to make your decision in a day or two, because the first purchase of a new founder often determines the future business success of the planned venture.

How can I work with Frida Claire?

Please read the introductory section "Becoming a dealer". Your Frida Claire contact person will then discuss the individual options and your questions in more detail in a personal conversation.

Can I also sell products from other brands if I work with Frida Claire?

This question can only be answered depending on the cooperation chosen with Frida Claire. In principle, however, Frida Claire allows the retailer to practise "multi-label store concepts", with joint collaboration.


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