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"PVS" means "Product Availability Service". If you want to understand this service, which is unique in Europe, you have to take a closer look at the buying and selling of goods by an average bridal fashion retailer. Frida Claire recognises that the most common statistical problem of a bridal fashion retailer is the creeping loss of liquidity. With the "PVS" service, Frida Claire supports its dealers with the support of new products without direct purchase compulsion, after the first year of initial stocking and in the following years. The dealer does not have to shop blindly at a trade fair like his competitors hoping that the products will sell well in the coming season. With this purchasing policy the dealer ties up his liquid funds without knowing whether the purchased products and sizes can actually be sold in the coming season. The Frida dealer can request all new products of the coming seasons in advance and use them for fitting appointments before making a possible purchase decision for one or the other product. The Frida dealer should only make a purchase decision if he notices that he has already sold the new product in question two, three or four times and that there is further demand pressure in his region (early detection of cash cows). As long as this is not the case, the retailer can request the product from Frida Claire at his customer's fitting appointment. With this service Frida Claire prevents the loss of liquidity due to the annual trade fair purchase and the dealer always keeps a sufficiently high liquidity cover. In addition, incorrect purchases are almost completely ruled out with this concept, which means that the Frida dealer's warehousing costs and depreciation are always manageable.

Did you know

That, statistically, an average competitor bridal fashion retailer spends €38,739 per year on goods purchases at the show? Your competitor does this at a trade fair about half a year before he begins to sell the purchased goods. With a Germany-wide "wrong purchase rate" (related to the advance fair purchase) of almost 25%, on average, the loss of liquidity amounts to about 10,000, - € per year. At this point we do not ask you to multiply this figure by the coming financial years in order to recognize the advantage of Frida Claire "PVS".


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And this is how it works

Here you can find the general procedure for PVS

Become a Frida contract dealer

Become a Frida Claire contract bridal fashion dealer first. You can find out how to do this in the "Become a dealer" section.

Business start after initial delivery

As soon as you have agreed to work with Frida Claire and your first products have been delivered, you will start your operational business.

Request PVS product for fitting appointment

In a first comversation your customer has decided on one the Frid procucts you do not have in store physically? Ask Frida Claire about the product's availability.

Fitting & Sale

Frida Claire is going to send you the requested product for your customer to try on. If everything goes well, you close in on sale and can order the product at the exact measurements the customer requires.

Place an order in the dealer portal

You could convince the customer of the product and have a signed order form? Then you order the product in the correct customer dimensions and Frida Claire will finish the product for you immediately.

Frida Claire retrieves product

After your fitting, Frida Claire will collect the product from you (if the dealer is located within Germany).

Advantages of "PVS

Europe-wide unique service from the German bridal fashion brand Frida Claire.

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purchasing risk

How do you know what your customers want to buy in a year, or where the trend is heading in your region? Reduce mispurchases and slow-moving items.

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With the Frida "PVS" service, you signal to your customer an extensive product selection and thus size. Make a big impression right from the start.

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Many products = large sales & storage area and this drives up rents and ancillary costs. Reduce additional costs and stay "slim".

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Our mission is to provide on daily base the optimal solution, the best quality and most outstanding services for our B2B bridal fashion dealers. Achieving steady growth at Frida Claire, both for our customers and ourselves, is always at the forefront, driven by technically savvy and highly integrated processes. With Frida Claire you as a retailer are simply a bit better than your competitors.

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