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Frida Claire is aware that the path to independence as a bridal fashion B2B retailer is not easy and many processes, procedures and preparations, up to the opening, must be completed simultaneously and quickly. Here Frida Claire supports you, as an authorised dealer, with a website and regional SEO, so that you can be found more quickly in your region.

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The bridal fashion business B2B and its internal procedures are not immediately to be understood optimally for a new founder, because many regular procedures or naturalized peculiarities do not appear at first sight. Visibility, for example, is one of the most important topics for you as a new founder with your bridal startup, because only those who are seen can also be approached by searching customers.

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Frida Claire also knows that setting up a bridal startup is very expensive and would like to help his new founders with this great offer. The creation of a well-structured website is associated with considerable costs and time and should, if possible, already point out some time before the opening of your business to your start date.

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The right appearance on the Internet as a successful bridal fashion company.

At the start of your new startup, as a bridal fashion B2B retailer, the website today, like the business card, belongs to a company. The customer feels safe and familiar when he can find your company with a great web presence on the Internet. He will decide on the basis of the appearance of your website whether he will head for you before your competition. This is a decisive criterion for the success of your start-up.

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Our mission is to provide on daily base the optimal solution, the best quality and most outstanding services for our B2B bridal fashion dealers. Achieving steady growth at Frida Claire, both for our customers and ourselves, is always at the forefront, driven by technically savvy and highly integrated processes. With Frida Claire you as a retailer are simply a bit better than your competitors.

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